West Virginia Bill Threatens Workers’ Rights – Weakens Workers’ Compensation

Written by on February 5, 2015 in Worker's Compensation

There are many examples of horrible bills that get introduced in any session of the West Virginia legislature. However, nothing is more threatening to West Virginia workers than House Bill 2011, which destroys a worker’s ability to seek full compensation when an employer KNOWINGLY violates workplace safety laws. In its drive for “economic development” at any cost, and with no regard for the rights of workers, the West Virginia legislature has introduced a bill that would make it harder to prove a case where the employer knowingly injured a worker than it is to prove a premeditated murder case! That’s right. When asked during a hearing to explain the bill, counsel for the legislature admitted that under this bill, it would be easier to prove a murder conviction than for an employee to prove an employer knowingly violated safety laws. Anyone that is concerned about losing workers’ compensation rights in West Virginia should contact their representative immediately. If this bill were in effect at the time of the Upper Big Branch Explosion, the widows and victims would not have recovered the compensation they deserved. Despite all the illegal activities of management at that mine, the standard of proof of House Bill 2011 would have been impossible to meet. Businesses that knowingly break the law and get workers injured or killed should not receive better treatment than individuals who knowingly break the law. Whether you are in Charleston, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Clarksburg, Bluefield or anywhere else in West Virginia, you need to contact your legislator and tell them to stop weakening workers’ compensation rights and vote against House Bill 2011.

Below are links to the phone numbers and email addresses of the West Virginia Legislature. Please find your representative and call and email them about this dangerous bill.

Senate Roster

House Roster

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