Dangerous Drug Injuries

As our society ages, taking medications on a daily basis has become a part of life. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are over 24,000 combined prescription and over the counter drugs are available in the U.S. It is not unusual for a pharmaceutical company to make more than a billion dollars a year on a single drug.

Because of the FDA’s drug approval process, increasing public demand for newer and better medications, and various other factors, dangerous drugs sometimes find their way onto the shelves of your local drug store. The dangers posed by these drugs may be the result of poor labeling, a problem with the drug itself, or a failure on the part of the pharmaceutical company to do enough testing. In the end, the danger to you and your loved ones is real.

Approval by the FDA does not guarantee that a drug is safe for everyone. The standard used is that the benefits of the drug must outweigh the risks. Pharmaceutical companies are required to provide information to the FDA outlining risks and benefits with independent studies that verify their claims. The FDA no longer tests the drugs. They audit the studies submitted by the drug companies.

If a pharmaceutical company omits information, fails to warn of a potential risk, or does an insufficient study, it’s the public that pays the price. At Harvit & Schwartz, we make sure the pharmaceutical companies pay a price too.

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